Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watercooler Moments
(Date:24 January 2011)

After a brief hiatus last week, your favourite smalltalk blog post of the week is back! You need not fear for small talk this week, as we've got the stories of the weekend wrapped up into a neat little package!
This week we've got blatant sexism, a destroyed country, and Trinners on the piste!
Sexy Rugby and Sexist Analysts!
The final weekend of rygby's Heineken Cup was played out over the weekend, and with most group winners already decided, it was simply a matter of who would play who in the quarter finals. With things going to plan for all three Irish provinces (including Munster who still had a Challenge Cup spot to play for), all three won with a four try bonus point, and got favourable draws for their respective quarter finals.
Ulster will now play Northampton away, Leinster will be at home in the Aviva to Leicester, and Munster will travel to France to play Brive in their Amlin Challenge Cup Quarter Final. The draw for the semis was also made, and again the draw was a good un' for the Irish provinces, who will all be at home.
Meanwhile, there was controversy in a different code over the weekend, when Sky Sports analysts Andy Gray and Richard Keys had a bit of an off air moment, while still very much on air! The two decided to slate female lineswomen, and females in general, while also making light of sexist issues in football. The full audio can be hear here, but be warned, this may not be safe for work. (unless you have headphones of course!)

A broken country?
I'm sure you're sick of it at this stage, but this weekend was a momentous one for Irish politics!At Saturday lunchtime, you had the resignation of the esteemed leader from his party leader position, but not from the country leader position.
Nominations were made puclic for the Fianna Fail leadership battle, which are set to close this afternoon, and of course amid all of this, the Green Party quietly made their way out of government, (perhaps never to be seen again?)

They probably couldn't afford cigarette papers, what's the big deal?
Finally, with the country going to hell in a handbasket, the Indo over the weekend carried the charming, if possibly fabricated story of Trinity college students causing mayhem on a French ski trip earlier this month.
According to sources from the respective colleges, students "burned and smoked €50 notes" in and outside one of the town's Alpine nightclubs to demonstrate their wealth. and "painted swastikas on to walls of the accommodation ensured the gendarmes were called".
As a former Apprentice contestant  famously said, "Daddy can't buy you cop on in Trinity college", but it seems he can afford his "credit card being used to buy massive rounds of drinks".
In an unlikely  twist to the story this morning, ocal cigarette paper manufacturers denied that their product was overtly expensive...

So there you have it, the three big stories making the news in your office this morning! We would advise that before you raise them, you check if the resident sexist Fianna Fail supporter and Trinity graduate is in today!

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