Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Itsa...kind of magic

Itsa kind of magic
(Date:26 January 2011)

Itsa is the bagel store with more! Since 1999 when they established their first bagel bar in Dublin City centre they've  been serving freshly made bagels, coffees & goodies everyday to our customers for lunch!

But Itsa's menu is not your ordinary! If you've ever been in, or indeed been to any of the numerous Itsa eateries around Dublin, you'll have seen it's perfectly tailored to give our customers healthier choices including low fat, vegetarian & coeliac friendly options.   

The stated mission to help customers enjoy their food but also enable them to make healthier choices is most welcome, and when choosing any of the signature bagels you can opt to ask for no butter, lighter sauce or substitute for low fat cream cheese. Itsa also have a huge coeliac offering, with a selectionn of bagels, treats and ingredients, all gluten friendly, and all prepared seperately.

One of the directors is well know cookbook author & chef, Domini Kemp, who is 100% behind the campaign to get people eating more healthily. In fact, she is currently appearing on 4Live (RTE 1 4pm) each Wednesday afternoon in the coming weeks to share her tips on how to include 3 portions out of your daily 5 veg & fruit requirements each week, so watch out for that!

If you're looking to continue your January health boost, Itsa's smoothies contain yoghurt, honey & plenty of fruit to go towards your 5 a day, while you can ncrease your intake of vegetables by trying one of their deliciously wholesome soups.  All are made in house by Itsa's own chefswith top quality Marigold Vegan stock and no un-necessary additives, and you can add a low GI bagel for a really healthy tasty lunch.

Even their goodies are better for you and baked daily in Itsa's own production kitchen!

You can enter our competition this week for a "Power Lunch" for two here, or simply drop into the Fitz Lane store to get your Power Lunch pack for only €8, or a delicious healthy bagel!
Thnk about it, greasy mayo full chicken roll for a fiver, or a tasty, healthy bagel and a hot drink for only €6?!

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