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Coeliac Statistics

Coeliac Statistics
(Date:28 January 2011)

Gluten Free!

You may have missed something with our new site. We now provide information on the retailer pages on whether or not they say they cater for Special Diets. This includes vegan, vegetarian and coeliac options.

With first hand knowledge of the struggle many coeliacs can face when eating out, we decided that we'd try to become a much more inclusive site, (indeed one of the only food listing sites out there that is) and a better outlet for people to decide where they can and can't eat, and indeed, more importanty, where they both can and will want to eat! Choice shouldn't be hugely lessened we feel.

Now we're far from perfect yet, and we're going on what our retailers tell us about their Special Dietary options, but it's a starting point, and in the New Year, we'll be putting a big effort into really cleansing the site of coeliac options, and the inclusion of many new options. (We'd be very appreciative if you could help us with that too)

Current faves on site for coeliac options seem to be the likes of Itsa, GBK, Wagamama and Rustic Stone
Anyway, what brings us on to this is Safefood have conducted a new study which shows that "94% of restaurants on the island of Ireland are able to accommodate a request for a gluten-free meal".

Dr Gary Kearney of Safefood said of the study "“Our research has shown how vitally important it is that the manager and chef of a catering establishment are aware of the Coeliac condition and the importance of gluten-free food. This is critical given that serving staff are often heavily reliant on their advice when advising a customer. It’s clear that staff training is fundamental in addressing this ‘knowledge gap’ and, as such, all service sector staff should receive basic training on how best to address food allergies and intolerances and the importance of controlling food allergens in a catering setting.”

However, he went on to say that "while our research is welcome news for coeliacs, it is no reason to be complacent as the research revealed that serious mistakes can still be made, even when customers are presented with ‘gluten-free’ choices in ‘Coeliac friendly’ restaurants"

It's quite interesting that the number is so high. However, one would have to ask the question of whether how thoroughly these 94% are catered for, and how reliant the study is on truthfulness from owners about their own business capabilites.

Gerry Flaherty, Chairperson of the CSI added “We welcome these findings but would remind of the need for constant vigilance in the provision of safe, gluten-free food for people with coeliac condition”.
Welcome news none the less, and we at mylunch are doing our best to provide numerous wide ranging lunch options for coeliacs.
The full report can be read here.

If you'd like to get in touch with us about anything coeliac related, or indeed Special Diet related, please do!
However, if you want to get in contact to point out grammatical errors in a blog post, please don't!

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