Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring....

Help Us Help You!
(Date:12 January 2011)

Share Bear

You good people of mylunch, being the upstanding citizens that you are, you’re probably asking, what can you do for us in return for the great offers on site?

Well it goes without saying that the more of you there are visiting the site daily, the bigger and better deals, comps and exclusive freebies we can get you. So today, we’re asking you to spread the mylunch gospel!
We’d be much obliged if you could help take us to the masses, and in the process win some brownie points with your friends, because after all, sharing is caring!
How to share with the new site?
Since we’ve grown up in 2010, there are loads and loads of ways to be social with the site. You’ve got share buttons on every retailer page, invite a friend to lunch options, and even the opportunity to pass on vouchers to your Facebook friends if you want!
In fact, if we the new mylunch.ie were a type of Care Bear, we’d be Share Bear!
So if you’re a regular user of the site, like our deals and plan to use us to save a few bob this year, you’ve won a free lunch with us, or you simply fancy one of our crew members (David is a hottie alright, swit swoo!), then why not
G’wan, we’ll be your special fwend if you do!

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