Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Deals Overload
(Date:24 January 2011)

Burritos and Blues

We know you mylunchies are an all consuming lunch bunch, always wanting more deals, more exclusive offers and more value for money, and frankly, that's why we love you!
Well, to get the week off to a great start, we've news of two new deals ongoing on the site at the moment.
First of all, the much loved Burritos and Blues on Wexford St. have a brand spanking newbie:
A burrito bowl is a burrito without the shell basically, and it is deeeelicious, but as well as that, you get scrumptious cheese fries for FREE!
*Homer Simpson drooling moment*
This is an exclusive mylunch deal which you won't find anywhere else on the web. Stick with us kid, we'll look after ya!
Also this week, for all those Dublin 8ers out there, Just Off Francis have another great new offer. From 2-3pm every day, you can get two lunch mains for only €10. Now that's not €10 each, that's in total!
Click here for their menu. That's a prefect deal if you want to treat a friend, or even if you're simply famished!
Oh and I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but we've possibly got a deadly new 2 for 1 coming on next week. Think religious and Dublin 1, but keep on the QT....

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