Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feck Blue Monday...

Feck Blue Monday...
(Date:17 January 2011)

Happy Horse

The third Monday in January is supposedly the most depressing day of the year, but as a great man once said: Don't worry, be happy!
There's lots of good news emanating from the mylunch camp, and it's a beautiful crisp January day, so what's to be blue about?

Firstly, we've changed our competition format. Instead of having one winner per week, we're now going to give away 5 FREE LUNCHES every week on the site! That's a chance for you to win FREE LUNCH every day! (Oh, by the way did we mention FREE LUNCH?!)

Be sure to enter daily on the comp page, and check our Facebook every eve for details of the winner. As the saying goes, It could be you!

This week's comp is kindly sponsored by Urban Picnic, who have given us an amazing daily prize of a three course lunch for two people!

Having been mentioned in the Irish Times before Christmas as one of the best desert  purveyors in the city, we thought we'd let you off the Healthy Eating leash a little bit, but remember, their lunch menu is also choc full of healthy eating choices too! If you haven't sampled yet, do pop in to Vinny and the team and their lovely premises, just inside the George's Street entrance of the George's Street Arcade.

We also launched our weekly deals email this morning, which is kept short and sweet, and gives you a day by day rundown of all best deals!

We've got your full week sorted, so check your inbox now, and if you haven't signed up, well, are you mad?! It may save you over €5.13 per day, and we've done the maths...

Oh and by the way, Watercooler Moments will return next week, our regular nosy newsperson had a busy morning, so forgive us if you got stuck for conversation this lunchtime!
Stand by for another week of fun, frolics and feckin' great lunch deals!

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