Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watercooler Moments

Here's our weekly round up of all the interesting headlines that will be talked about at lunchtime this week!

Earth Hour
On Saturday evening at around 8.30 p.m., the world celebrated Earth Hour, an hour of darkness organised by the WWF (no not the men in tights!) take a stand against climate change. As always, the event was a huge success, with towns and cities the world over going dark for at least an hour. See here for some amazing pictures of monuments and landmarks the world over (including the Sydney Opera House, and the Roman Colosseum) going dark. In Dublin, the stroke of 8.30pm saw Áras an Uachtaráin, the Four Courts, Leinster House and Government Buildings go lights out, but the Convention Centre, Dublin Eye and Trinity College remained lit up.

The terrible twins took on Vincent Browne on Friday night, with hilarious consequences! The lads joined Uncle Vincent on his Friday Late show, and tried to test his knowledge of pop music and the latest additions to the Oxford English Dictionary, LOL, OMG, and WAG! Reports in a Saturday newspaper indicated that the cause of John's hoarseness on the night was a voice problem, and fears (if you can call them that!) that the lads won't be able to sing in the Eurovision were raised.
See here for the full interview!

I demand 75 trillion dollars!
Ever downloaded music from Limewire? Ahem, no neither have we, but the breaking news over the weekend is that the music industry want the sharing service to pay 75 trillion (yes TRILLION!) to them after losing a copyright infringement claim! To put that into context, the GDP of the entire world is around $60 trillion! The presiding judge has called the amount absurd, but the chances of the payment being over a billion at least look very high. Now delete that Destiny's Child album quick!!

Boys in green battle to beat Macedonia
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...Oh sorry, that game on Saturday night must have put us to sleep for an extended period! Trap's lads battled to a hard fought 2-1 victory over the mighty Macedonia (dodgy keeper and all!) on Saturday night at the Aviva. No Earth Hour was respected here, though I'm sure many of the 30,000 odd in attendance wished it had been!
Goals from Keane and McGeady, a late sub appearence for James McCarthy, and the row on the RTE panel afterwards were the highlights of a dour contest. By the way, is it possible that our esteemed manager could actually be getting worse at speaking English?!
In what was a quiet weekend otherwise for sport, England beat Wales 2-0 in the Millenium Stadium, while Brazil beat Scotland by the same scoreline in a game that was played in London for some reason. The big story of that game is the racism allegation emerging today.

Obama locked out!

The world's most influential man found himself locked out of his own home at the weekend, after workers didn't realise he would be returning home early after a conference! See below for the video!

Draw on the internet!
We love these types of things! A new Firefox extension will let you draw all over your favourite website, by simply installing it into your toolbar and dragging and dropping it onto the page! A simple MS Paint format will mean you can be drawing all over rte.ie in no time! Just don't draw anything rude on our homepage, you hear us! (We're already on that!)

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