Monday, January 31, 2011

Watercooler Moments

Watercooler Moments
(Date:31 January 2011)

Welcome to Watercooler Moments for this week, and your Monday morning dose of what topics you can use to make small talk, and nullify awkward office/lunch silences this week!
It's your handy pocket guide to the best of the weekend's stories, all in one post!
Happy Monday, and let's get going....


Rap star, film star, clothing range owner and all round true gangsta Sean P Diddy Puff Daddy Coombs is being sued by an L.A. woman for, yep you heard right, one trillion dollars! The case, which if won, would presumeably be one of the biggest awards ever, is being brought against Combs/Diddy by Valerie Joyce Wilson Turk.
The woman accuses the rapper, his former girlfriend, and the somehow related ex police brutality victim Rodney King (whose beating sparked the L.A. Riots) of collaborating to fell the World Trade Towers on Sept 11th 2011, and also maintains the trio set her up to get disability pay.

Another accusation is that Combs/Diddy is in fact her 23 year old son's father, but the final straw is that Diddy "stole a poker chip worth 100 zillions of dollars" (a direct quote!) that she won in a Mississippi casino and later gave it away to someone else.

She is petitioning for $900 billion in child support. The other $100 billion she is seeking is for “loss of income.”
A Los Angeles judge denied her request for a restraining order against Diddy, but set a hearing for Jan 31.
Only in America eh?!

Social Network Similarities
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed his sense of humour on cult American T.V. show Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The geeky social network genius opened the show with a skit alongside "The Social Network" actor Jesse Eisenberg (who's depiction of Zuckerberg looks set to win him an Oscar) and the show’s resident Zuckerberg impersonator, Andy Samberg.

"He's no Fred Perry", rugby injuries and F.A. Cup drama

In sporting news over the weekend, charismatic (*ahem*) Scottish tennis player Audy Murray's bid to become the first British man since Fred Perry in 1936  to win a tennis major again came to an abrupt end. The enigmatic and fun lovin (*ahem*) Scot was beaten in three sets (6-4 6-2 6-3) by Serb Novak Djokovic, meaning he has yet to win a set in his three Grand Slam finals so far.

In rugby, Ireland's 6 Nations squad is preparing for Italy next weekend. The squad for the game in Rome has been named, and it seems that the "Injuries" colum is mounting for Uncle Deccie.

There was little surprise in the fourth round of the F.A. Cup over the weekend, bar minnows Notts County holding might Manchester City to a draw. But the fifth round draw did throw up the massive tie of non-league Crawley Town making the visit to Old Trafford to face Man Utd!

Today is also transfer deasline day, so watch out for lots of "Sky Sports News understands" headlines, and fake "Sky Sports sources" stirring the rumour mill. Big stories include Spurs search for a striker and Fernando Torres' proposed £50 million move to Chelsea. See here for a live blog.

Ah they were simple times!

And finally this week, we would like to bring you back in time to an era when wool jumpers and Fruit of the Loom t-shirts were all the rage, when the euro was a pipe dream, and the Celtic Tiger an even pipier dream (yeah yeah I know that's not a real word!)
Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't seen it already, please take a look at the classic 1994 Castletown Donkey Derby...

Oh, and it's the last day of Winter today too!

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Coeliac Statistics

Coeliac Statistics
(Date:28 January 2011)

Gluten Free!

You may have missed something with our new site. We now provide information on the retailer pages on whether or not they say they cater for Special Diets. This includes vegan, vegetarian and coeliac options.

With first hand knowledge of the struggle many coeliacs can face when eating out, we decided that we'd try to become a much more inclusive site, (indeed one of the only food listing sites out there that is) and a better outlet for people to decide where they can and can't eat, and indeed, more importanty, where they both can and will want to eat! Choice shouldn't be hugely lessened we feel.

Now we're far from perfect yet, and we're going on what our retailers tell us about their Special Dietary options, but it's a starting point, and in the New Year, we'll be putting a big effort into really cleansing the site of coeliac options, and the inclusion of many new options. (We'd be very appreciative if you could help us with that too)

Current faves on site for coeliac options seem to be the likes of Itsa, GBK, Wagamama and Rustic Stone
Anyway, what brings us on to this is Safefood have conducted a new study which shows that "94% of restaurants on the island of Ireland are able to accommodate a request for a gluten-free meal".

Dr Gary Kearney of Safefood said of the study "“Our research has shown how vitally important it is that the manager and chef of a catering establishment are aware of the Coeliac condition and the importance of gluten-free food. This is critical given that serving staff are often heavily reliant on their advice when advising a customer. It’s clear that staff training is fundamental in addressing this ‘knowledge gap’ and, as such, all service sector staff should receive basic training on how best to address food allergies and intolerances and the importance of controlling food allergens in a catering setting.”

However, he went on to say that "while our research is welcome news for coeliacs, it is no reason to be complacent as the research revealed that serious mistakes can still be made, even when customers are presented with ‘gluten-free’ choices in ‘Coeliac friendly’ restaurants"

It's quite interesting that the number is so high. However, one would have to ask the question of whether how thoroughly these 94% are catered for, and how reliant the study is on truthfulness from owners about their own business capabilites.

Gerry Flaherty, Chairperson of the CSI added “We welcome these findings but would remind of the need for constant vigilance in the provision of safe, gluten-free food for people with coeliac condition”.
Welcome news none the less, and we at mylunch are doing our best to provide numerous wide ranging lunch options for coeliacs.
The full report can be read here.

If you'd like to get in touch with us about anything coeliac related, or indeed Special Diet related, please do!
However, if you want to get in contact to point out grammatical errors in a blog post, please don't!

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Something (healthy) for the weekend?

Something healthy for the weekend
(Date:28 January 2011)

Something (healty) for the weekend seems to have taken on cult status amongst all you health mongers, recipe lovers and general foodies out there, so we're going to be continuing it for the forseeable future! If there are any recipes you'd like to see, then please get in touch through!

This week, we've got an online exclusive, and a delicious easy and healthy dish to round off January, from the lovely Domini Kemp's recent cookbook.

An Itsa co-founder with her sister Peaches, (check their new offer if you want more healthy goodness!), Domini is a respected food writer and chef, and through all that, still finds time to appear each week on RTE's Four Live!

Now, you may be thinking that there's something fishy about this blog post, and there is, cos this week, we're doing super-healthy salmon and tuna fishcakes! Perfect for a main (serves two) or starter (serves four), this recipe is sure to be a hit if you're entertaining this weekend, or even if you've someone special to impress. Ah heck , who are we kidding, why not just make a batch for yourself!

Anyway, here goes, I'll let Domini take over from here!

"Don’t stress out if you cant get lime leaves or anything else off the list.  Just add more of everything else.  Also, if you ever do come across lime leaves, buy a bunch of them, wrap them up well in cling film and freeze them.  The same goes for the lemongrass – its not idea, but it works OK as they can be hard to find when you need them.

You wil need
2 red onions, diced, 2 red chillies, deseeded and diced, 2 lime leaves, 1 stalk lemongrass, Juice of 2 limes, 1 small bunch coriander, 1 small bunch basil, a knob of ginger, peeled, 2 tbsp tamari or soy sauce, 1 tsp fish sauce, a splash of sesame oil, 200g fresh salmon fillet, skin removed and roughly chopped, 200g fresh tuna fillet, skin removed and roughly chopped, a handful of sesame seeds, sweet chilli sauce to serve

How to prepare:

1.      Preheat the oven to 200c. Line a baking tray with parchment paper
2.      Whizz all the ingredients except the fish and sesame seeds together in a food processor until smooth.  Add the fish and pulse so that it’s processed and not mushy baby food.  Shape the fish into balls and place on the baking tray.  If you can, chill for 10 minutes.
3.      Sprinkle with sesame seeds, then bake for 10 to 12 minutes.  If you can, gently turn them over halfway through so they can brown on both sides.  They do cook quite quickly, and you may like to serve them a bit rare inside.  Let them settle for a minute before removing from the paper (they are quite delicate, as there is no egg to bind them), then serve with sweet chilli sauce.

Sounds very tasty and zesty eh? Have fun making them, and be sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook how you got on!

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Eat Magazine

Eat Magazine
(Date:31 January 2011)

There's a new kid on the blog! EatMagazine, an Irish based food focused new zine has been launched, and 20,000 print copies are currently available around Dublin! The mag focuses on all things foodie, with restaurant reviews, guest columnists, recipes and lots lots more!

Eat concentrates on local restaurants, chefs, food producers and designers, a positive look at eating and dining out, and also celebrates the good things to be found in our wonderful Dublin city. Founded in response to both consumer and industry demand for a reliable local publication that focuses on the local culinary scene, readers can expect a features section that gives home to some of Irelands most passionate food and wine writers, and regular columns to keep you informed about new products, as well as info on food and drink events!

Produced by Phonic (so you know it's good!) there's also an online version if you want to have a look.
See here for stockists if you prefer the smell of ink and having a print version in your hand!

You can also follow Eat on Twitter here, for food related tweets!

Oh, and by the way, mylunch (and mygoodself specifically) will be featured in February's issue two, along with loads and loads of other cool stuff, so it's even more of a reason to pick up a copy!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clonakilty by Candlelight

Clonakilty by Candlelight
(Date:25 January 2011)


Here at mylunch, we love anything different, cool or unusual! I guess you could say we're hipster lunch lovers!

Some of you may remember the mylunch supported Tefal Greaseless Spoon project, which brought free healthy lunch, to Dublin last November, or the again mylunch supported Streetfeast project which held a flash feast in front of City Hall last Summer.

Well, flash dining is back in Dublin with a bang this February! Clonakilty Blackpudding, Ireland's famous leading pudding purveyor (which is presumeably being sent all over the world currently to homesick es-pats!) is about to launch Ireland's first ever "flash restaurant", "Clonakilty by Candlelight" in Dublin city centre from 3rd-12th Feb.

Around since 1800, the Clonakilty brand is one which is steeped in Irish heritage, (check the full story here) and now they are giving you a chance to get together with your pals for an evening of chats, delish food and something a little bit different, but intriguingly, like the Clonakilty recipe, the location is a secret!

"Clonakilty By Candlelight", will open for six special nights only, and deliver a fabulous food feast with an intimate dinner party vibe. Guests will be served culinary delights made from the full Clonakilty Blackpudding Co.’s range of delicious products, with Bridgestone recommended Ted Berner of Wildside catering in the kitchen.

If you want to attend, you can check out all the info on the Facebook page here, and spaces are filling up very fast, so get in this evening or tomorrow if you'd like to go!
Dinner will be served on Feb 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th and 12th, and there will be a distinct theatrical theme, so a fun night is guaranteed! How often are you guaranteed a fun, free dinner out??

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Itsa...kind of magic

Itsa kind of magic
(Date:26 January 2011)

Itsa is the bagel store with more! Since 1999 when they established their first bagel bar in Dublin City centre they've  been serving freshly made bagels, coffees & goodies everyday to our customers for lunch!

But Itsa's menu is not your ordinary! If you've ever been in, or indeed been to any of the numerous Itsa eateries around Dublin, you'll have seen it's perfectly tailored to give our customers healthier choices including low fat, vegetarian & coeliac friendly options.   

The stated mission to help customers enjoy their food but also enable them to make healthier choices is most welcome, and when choosing any of the signature bagels you can opt to ask for no butter, lighter sauce or substitute for low fat cream cheese. Itsa also have a huge coeliac offering, with a selectionn of bagels, treats and ingredients, all gluten friendly, and all prepared seperately.

One of the directors is well know cookbook author & chef, Domini Kemp, who is 100% behind the campaign to get people eating more healthily. In fact, she is currently appearing on 4Live (RTE 1 4pm) each Wednesday afternoon in the coming weeks to share her tips on how to include 3 portions out of your daily 5 veg & fruit requirements each week, so watch out for that!

If you're looking to continue your January health boost, Itsa's smoothies contain yoghurt, honey & plenty of fruit to go towards your 5 a day, while you can ncrease your intake of vegetables by trying one of their deliciously wholesome soups.  All are made in house by Itsa's own chefswith top quality Marigold Vegan stock and no un-necessary additives, and you can add a low GI bagel for a really healthy tasty lunch.

Even their goodies are better for you and baked daily in Itsa's own production kitchen!

You can enter our competition this week for a "Power Lunch" for two here, or simply drop into the Fitz Lane store to get your Power Lunch pack for only €8, or a delicious healthy bagel!
Thnk about it, greasy mayo full chicken roll for a fiver, or a tasty, healthy bagel and a hot drink for only €6?!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Date:25 January 2011)

For years, the streets of London have been home to street food traders. From Afro Carribbean chicken, to Indian spice, the old city has always had a certain flavour about her, and that has not been lost.
Dreamt up by 35 year old half Greek half Londoner Yiannis Papoutsis, "The Meatwagon" was a legendary burger van, which popped up in various locations in South East London, and is said to have warranted fabled hour long queues, impromptu street parties, and much much foodie love for it's delicious burgers. Yiannis makes regular visits to the states to bring back daring and delicious recipes.
However, all was not well in Burger Heaven. Back in early December, the legendary Meat Wagon, which had been chased far and wide by burger loving folks across the UK for so long, was stolen.
Having heard about the commotion, and the ensuing Twitter bid to find the truck, Capital Pub Group decided to give Yiannis a space above a pub on New Cross Road in the SE London area, and thus, #MEATEASY was born!
An eating experience like no other, #MEATEASY is so called "guerilla dining". It's located "out the back" of the pub, and ordering is kept at bay by providing each guest with a numbered peg that allows them, once their number is called to order 4 items from the menu – which is written in chalk on the wall! Queues are said to be 2 hours long on big nights, and Yianni and his 10-strong team work "insane 22-hour shifts" with everything cooked everything from scratch.
Menu choices for the three-month project start at £6 and include the famous juicy cheeseburger, the slightly spicier chilli cheeseburger, hot dogs and buffalo wings as well as the Dead Hippy, "basically a take on a Big Mac inspired by the Californian Double-Double (double meat/double cheese) from In-N-Out and with a slight homage to the big Mac too" and all are revered!
Cash only is taken, and no bookings are allowed, except for one table, which is reserved for #MEATEASY volunteers!
For more, see this review in The London Evening Standard the Meateasy website, the supposed street eating authority of Britain's website, this Timeout review or alternatiely simply search Twitter which is ablaze with news on the project.
So the big question is, would this work in Ireland, and who has the cojones to take it on?!

Watercooler Moments
(Date:24 January 2011)

After a brief hiatus last week, your favourite smalltalk blog post of the week is back! You need not fear for small talk this week, as we've got the stories of the weekend wrapped up into a neat little package!
This week we've got blatant sexism, a destroyed country, and Trinners on the piste!
Sexy Rugby and Sexist Analysts!
The final weekend of rygby's Heineken Cup was played out over the weekend, and with most group winners already decided, it was simply a matter of who would play who in the quarter finals. With things going to plan for all three Irish provinces (including Munster who still had a Challenge Cup spot to play for), all three won with a four try bonus point, and got favourable draws for their respective quarter finals.
Ulster will now play Northampton away, Leinster will be at home in the Aviva to Leicester, and Munster will travel to France to play Brive in their Amlin Challenge Cup Quarter Final. The draw for the semis was also made, and again the draw was a good un' for the Irish provinces, who will all be at home.
Meanwhile, there was controversy in a different code over the weekend, when Sky Sports analysts Andy Gray and Richard Keys had a bit of an off air moment, while still very much on air! The two decided to slate female lineswomen, and females in general, while also making light of sexist issues in football. The full audio can be hear here, but be warned, this may not be safe for work. (unless you have headphones of course!)

A broken country?
I'm sure you're sick of it at this stage, but this weekend was a momentous one for Irish politics!At Saturday lunchtime, you had the resignation of the esteemed leader from his party leader position, but not from the country leader position.
Nominations were made puclic for the Fianna Fail leadership battle, which are set to close this afternoon, and of course amid all of this, the Green Party quietly made their way out of government, (perhaps never to be seen again?)

They probably couldn't afford cigarette papers, what's the big deal?
Finally, with the country going to hell in a handbasket, the Indo over the weekend carried the charming, if possibly fabricated story of Trinity college students causing mayhem on a French ski trip earlier this month.
According to sources from the respective colleges, students "burned and smoked €50 notes" in and outside one of the town's Alpine nightclubs to demonstrate their wealth. and "painted swastikas on to walls of the accommodation ensured the gendarmes were called".
As a former Apprentice contestant  famously said, "Daddy can't buy you cop on in Trinity college", but it seems he can afford his "credit card being used to buy massive rounds of drinks".
In an unlikely  twist to the story this morning, ocal cigarette paper manufacturers denied that their product was overtly expensive...

So there you have it, the three big stories making the news in your office this morning! We would advise that before you raise them, you check if the resident sexist Fianna Fail supporter and Trinity graduate is in today!

Monday Deals Overload
(Date:24 January 2011)

Burritos and Blues

We know you mylunchies are an all consuming lunch bunch, always wanting more deals, more exclusive offers and more value for money, and frankly, that's why we love you!
Well, to get the week off to a great start, we've news of two new deals ongoing on the site at the moment.
First of all, the much loved Burritos and Blues on Wexford St. have a brand spanking newbie:
A burrito bowl is a burrito without the shell basically, and it is deeeelicious, but as well as that, you get scrumptious cheese fries for FREE!
*Homer Simpson drooling moment*
This is an exclusive mylunch deal which you won't find anywhere else on the web. Stick with us kid, we'll look after ya!
Also this week, for all those Dublin 8ers out there, Just Off Francis have another great new offer. From 2-3pm every day, you can get two lunch mains for only €10. Now that's not €10 each, that's in total!
Click here for their menu. That's a prefect deal if you want to treat a friend, or even if you're simply famished!
Oh and I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but we've possibly got a deadly new 2 for 1 coming on next week. Think religious and Dublin 1, but keep on the QT....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Savvy Lunch Spending

Savvy Lunch Spending
(Date:21 January 2011)

mylunch is becoming quite the celeb in recent days, and we've also got a lovely mention from Sale Savvy!
Sale Savvy is a deadly value blog for the savvy spender, and has news on deals from fashion to beauty to entertainment and everything in between, including lunch.

They seem to have taken a shine to our Salon Des Saveurs blog, and why not, it's quite a deal!
To have a look at what they had to say about us, click here.

Oh, and Happy Friday!!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lolly and Cooks New Salad Bar
(Date:21 January 2011)

What fantastic timing!
The gang at Lolly + Cooks have gone and made Healthy Eating Month a lot, lot easier for you lunch lovers!
Famed for their delicious cupcakes and gourmet stews, as well as a merry band of cheery staff, the stall, located at the back of George's Street Arcade, is now home to a lovely new gourmet salad bar since yesterday! 

With the whole site (and the whole office!) in healthy eating mode, this is a very welcome turn of events!
The new delicious range is made fresh each day, and can be purchased as salad boxes or as part of new meal deals.

For a medium poriton (16oz) you pay only €4.50, while if you really want to catch up on your greens, go for the large, which is €6 and will really satisfy any salad lover!

Oh, and by the way, don't tell em that we told you, but we've heard on the grapevine that if you become a member of the Lolly + Cooks group on Facebook, and mention that you are a member when ordering, you can and get a medium salad box for only €3 until Special offer for until 22nd Jan!
And of course eating salad for your main course means that you can devour one of their cupcakes for dessert guilt free! (Not that the healthy eating regieme in the mylunch office allows for that ;)

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and you thought there was no such thing...
(Date:20 January 2011)

Free Lunch

Feck that dinner for two malarky!
We know what you want and we've listened to your feedback, which is why, from this week on, Ireland's best (and only!) lunch offers website is givivng you the chance to win FREE LUNCH (it needs caps lock!) every freakin day!

You can enter every day, and as many times as you want (just not too many, our servers are overworked as it is!) and each evening, the mylunch random number machine will choose one of the days entrants at random to be our winner.

So set your alarm, stick a post-it on your computer screen, get your secretary to remind you daily, or even hire a secretary to remind you daily, but for God's sake, remember to enter that comp!

This weeks competition is sponsored by Urban Picnic, and you have the chance to win a three course (soup, main and one of there patented desserts) for two people. So that's two FREE LUNCHES you can win! (did I mention it deserves caps lock?)

Oh, and if you want to, you can go here to bookmark the competition page.

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We're now Eddie Hobbs approved
(Date:20 January 2011)

Eddie Hobbs

The maestro of money in Ireland has given us his seal of approval!

Check out this link on Eddie Hobbs' "You and Your Money" site, giving Ireland's best lunch site the seal of approval!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deals Deals Deals
(Date:19 January 2011)


On Monday, our first ever weekly deals email was sent to you lovely users! We reckon that you by using the site every say, you can save on average €5.13 on your daily lunch spend, and we'd like to prove that! So here's your lunch week sorted!
If you're not yet reg'd, then what you waitin for? Click here, and simply wait for four lunch bulletin to arrive in your inbox...
Here's a shneaky peak at the newsletter as a taster!
Deals of the Week on logo
Hi Subscriber,

It being supposedly the bluest day of the year (Blue Monday), we thought you might need a little bit of cheering up today, so here are our best deals of the week, all exclusive to


Monday 17th Jan
2 for 1 on any main at Bloom Brasserie (order before 12.30)
2 for 1 on any main at The Beacon Hotel
Tuesday 18th Jan
Soup and any main for €15 (usually €20) at Bang

2 for 1 on all mains at The Baggot Inn (order before 12.30)
Wednesday 19th Jan
Buy one lunch main, get a second for €5 at Brasserie Sixty6

2 for 1 on all mains from the Cafe Carlo lunch menu
Thursday 20th Jan
Free Soup with any Sandwich at The Wooden Spoon
2 for 1 on all coffees from West Coast Coffee
Friday 21st Jan
2 for 1 on all lunch mains at Camden Court Hotel (order before 12.30)
Host goes free for groups of 4 or more at Bleu Bistro
And remember, there are loads more lunch deals available on site, with more added almost every day! You can see them all here. 
No offers in your area?? 
Then tell a friend about us! The more users we get in an area, the more deals we can get!
Alternatively, if there are loads of deals you like on the site, we'd be delira if you could spread the word about them!
To tell a friend, you can...
Oh, and to say thanks for being such a swell person, we've a brand new
Urban Picnic competition
, through which you can win a three course lunch for two people, every day this week!
That's a FREE LUNCH for two every day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday from Munchies!
(Date:11 January 2011)

If you know of someone's birthday coming up, or more importantly, if your birthday is coming up, then mylunch and Munchies can make it an even happier one!

If you drop into any Munchies outlet, (there are 9 stores dotted around Dublin), and prove it's your special day, they will take your mind off your age by giving you
  • your favourite Munchies sandwich (ours is the Chicken + Bacon Whoopie, but you can check the menu here!)
  • a free drink
  • and a Munchies Chubbie for dessert!
For all the info, have a look here, and be sure to use our share buttons above right to pass this on.
I'm sure any January or February babies will appreciate your thoughtfullness!

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Something (healthy) for the weekend
(Date:14 January 2011)


Wagamama is officially one of the mylunch offices favourite lunch treats! We make the pilgrimage to the South King St. venue at least once a week, and we’re practically known by name in there now!

Waga is also a firm favourite with singing celebs and Irish rugby players, and the main reason for this, (besides the delicious food obviously) is that it’s also a healthy option!
With a stated aim 'to combine great, fresh and nutritious food in an sleek yet simple setting with helpful, friendly service and value for money', Waga really is a great option for the savvy lunch eater, and for those of us who have pledged to eat healthily for the New Year
Now we gave away two Wagamama cookbooks on the blog just before Christmas, but if you didn’t manage to win one of those, well we’ve a treat for you, an exclusive recipe!
Chicken Ramen is a classic favourite on the menu, and personally, I would eat it for every meal if I could! So if you fancy something healthy, but very very tasty to make this weekend, then read on, because we’re about to tell you how! Plus, you could apply for a job as a Waga chef if things go well!

You will need
  • 12 pieces menma (canned bamboo shoots), drained
  • 2 pak choi, trimmed and roughly chopped (or 2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves)
  • 1 litre of chicken or vegetable stock
  • 250g (9oz) ramen noodles
  • Vegetable oil
  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 4 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced
Preheat the grill, and while waiting, lightly oil and season the chicken breasts. Grill these for 4 minutes on each side (or until cooked through) and allow to rest for 5 minutes.
When cooled, slice on the diagonal and set aside

Now on to the noodles! In a large pan of boiling water boil the noodles for 2-3 minutes, until just tender.
Drain, refresh under cold running water and divide between two bowls.
Next heat the chicken or vegetable stock until boiling. put the pak choi on top of the noodles and ladle in the stock.
Finally, top with the sliced chicken, menma and spring onions, and serve with a garnish of garlic!
It’s so easy, but yet so so tasty, and healthy too!

On the other hand if you want to take the lazy option, then you can drop into one of the three Wagamama venues in Dublin + Cork, and have a delicious bowl of Ramen served up to you, washed down with a vitiman packed juice!
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