Thursday, April 22, 2010

What is the Best Value Sandwich Around? is about providing consumers information on the best value lunch available across restaurants, caf├ęs, bars & sandwich shops, but we want you to help us out to; we want your opinions. This week up for discussion is:

What is the best value sandwich around?

The Contenders:
• The SPAR, Chicken Fillet Roll
• The Subway 6’' Meatball Marinara Sub
• O’Briens Triple Decker
• The Munchies Chicken Woopie
• Fallon & Byrne’s Ultimate Club Sandwich

All are signature classics of these five popular Dublin lunch venues but which offers the best bite for your buck? We want to your opinion:

•The Chicken Fillet Roll, the staple of many a student diet. A white or brown bread roll containing a hot sliced breaded chicken fillet generally combined with mayo & lettuce. Prepared quickly and normally quite filling, and it has added bonus of being considered satisfactory as a hot meal intake by many.
€1.99 SPAR Dame Street

•The Meatball Sub, tender Meatballs in a tomato sauce with any combination of cheese, salad & dressing & served on a choice of breads. Availing of the Sub of the Day deal (Tuesdays €2.99, FYI) it is even greater value. But do you need to get a Footlong Sub to satisfy your hunger?
€3.99 Subway Baggot Street

•The Chicken & Bacon Triple Decker Sandwich, a multi-layered mouthful that can just about hold the wide variety of complementary ingredients (chicken, bacon, cheese, coleslaw, onions…). Filling but can be expensive (particularly with an extra charge if you want the bread toasted) but still deemed great value and a popular lunchtime favourite.
€5.65 generally

•The Chicken Woopie, Munchies' best known sandwich, contains roast chicken, melted cheddar hot chilli mayonnaise, lettuce tomato & ballymaloe relish combined in a way that does the sandwich’s celebratory name justice. Tasty but maybe not as filling as some of the other contenders.
€5.40 Munchies, South William Street

•The Ultimate Club, a gastronomic gourmet delight; chicken, bacon, tomato and a good helping of mayo, with the option of having it toasted. A tad pricey at €6.25 but the €7 soup & sandwich offer available at Fallon & Byrne makes it much better value.

These are just a few sample contenders but if you can think of any others to rival these 5 that have become so widely popular let us know what they are and why they are great lunch value.