Thursday, November 19, 2009 is Coming!

Our website, is going live on the 26th of November.

Our research has given us food for thought (get it) and we are now ready to launch our lunch deals website.

We had two requirements in mind for the design of the site; modern and user-friendly. As for the content, we considered what information would be of most use to people as they go about making their choice of where to go for lunch.

Daily Specials and Deals of the Week are appearing more and more on blackboards and shop windows so we thought why not gather this information into the website and save people the hassle of walking around to find it out themselves.

And then we thought why not offer vouchers for even greater value to the customer. Retailers would surely be delighted with the greater footfall.

We set out on a mission to recruit food retail outlets to display on the site. So far we have targeted Dublin and we have had remarkable success, with retailers really open to our concept. The range of retailers is broad, catering for a very wide range of food preferences and dietary requirements so there should be plenty there for everyone.

Things are shaping up nicely ahead of our launch so make sure you’re there to check out on the 26th!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

It is Now the Era of the Lunch Deal

My concern for the lunch hour has prompted me into action. I know I said before that lunch was about more than just a meal, but if you walk around Dublin these days you will see some great lunch deals.

Admittedly in the past the off-putting high prices could have influenced my lunch preference for a quick take-away sandwich accompanied with a quick retreat back to the office. Now though things have definitely changed, and even though people might have less spring in their step about work I think they can at least find some comfort in knowing that they can expect greater value when they go out for lunch, no matter what their dining preference.

Myself and some colleagues are confident that people are recognising that this is the era of the lunch deal and embracing it wholeheartedly, and so we are developing a website,, that will conveniently show people just where this lunch value lies and the lunch specials that are on offer in these outlets that day.

Anyone else been impressed by the newfound eagerness for business being expressed by lunch retailers through their updated deals and specials?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Give me back my lunch hour!

What ever happened to the lunch hour? I now find that lunch has become something you have to get over with quickly because time away from the desk is time away from productivity. Most days my lunch is eaten at my desk, in between calls to clients. I am sure many of you face a similar situation as a rushed lunch appears to be becoming the standard practice everywhere.

I can just about remember the days when the lunch break had meaning and was something to be treasured.
For me, with a lunch hour came:

-Less stress
-Greater job satisfaction
-A greater sense of freedom
-A more sociable working environment
-A chance to get some fresh air
-A work day that went by quicker

I miss these forgotten days and I want to start a petition for a reinstatement of the lunch hour. Are you with me comrades?!