Friday, December 18, 2009, The Hottest Lunchtime Offers:

Our lunch specials and offers website,, has been up and running since November and we’ve had a great response so thanks to all who have become regular viewers and users of the site.

We’ve set up the website so that it is as user-friendly as possible and easily brings people to the information most useful to them. Say you are working in an office on Lower Baggott Street, our research tells us that your main lunch concern will be what lunch offers are available in the surrounding area. A visit to and a quick selection from our homepage dropdowns shows you what restaurants, cafés and pubs have lunch specials available in and around that street. A click on one of these retailer’s logos then shows you the lunch offers they are running for that day.

The fact that we update retailers’ lunch specials daily means it will definitely be worth your while to check back to the site any time you are thinking about lunch. As we mentioned in our last blog, we are about promoting lunch value, so if you want to easily know where this value lies then your best bet is to consult the website.

Our stance on who to include on the site was to be open-minded. We want to cater for the needs of everyone; from those looking for a low cost lunch to those looking for the best value fine dining. People’s lunch venue preferences and requirements do change daily so our site has factored in these changes and everyone should be able to find something to their liking on any given day.

Our site and our business offer a new, original experience so we would be delighted to get some feedback on how people are making use of the site in fulfilling their lunch needs. We would love to know what influences your searches (e.g. would you primarily click on the lunch venues you are familiar with or do the places less well known to you draw your attention more?) and how often do you actually end up buying the offers you have seen through our site?

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