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 The Bulletin
(Date:03 March 2011)

Breast Milk Ice Cream
Originally posted on The Lunchbox

The second of our posts on the best of the lunch related news we've found on the web this week!
When we're not securing lunch deals, we tend to surf around quite a lot and always find interesting tidbits, so we're passing them on to you!

Breast Milk Ice Cream goes on sale in London
Picture the scene, it's a hot Spring day, you're having a long lazy lunch in the tourist paradise that is London's Covent Garden, and suddenly, you get a craving for something sweet, yet cooling. Ah, a perfect time for an ice cream eh?
Well, just be careful...
The fact a serving cost 14 quid, and is called "Baby Gaga", makes it even more weird!
I wonder does it vary from person to person?

Cupcakes rampage in Cardiff
As we posted on the old Facebook, a woman with a serious sweet tooth has gone on the rampage in Cardiff, and caused around £400 worth of damage to a cupcake shop, after they sold out of her favourite. Sugarswirlz Cake Shop is relatively new to the dangerous Cardiff cupcake scene, and the woman, who was looking for a "Sweet Toothfairy Cupcake" is still on the loose, presumed armed and ravenous. Watch out Lolly and Cooks!
Now we know some of us like something sweet post lunch, but that's a bit far!

Sweet site!
Speaking of Lolly and Cooks, have you seen their new site? It's a beauty! If only that mother had used their delivery option eh?

Pizza and books- A great combo?
In Madrid, a new store has opened combining the two! Called La Pizzateca, the store offers a wide range of artisanal pizzas and calzones, but is also a book store! Offers available include a slice of pizza and a book for just a fiver, a bargain for all you hungry book worms out there. I wonder do they sell cheesy novels? (Oh, that was awful!)
If you have any recommendations for stories we should feature, other than our own random web finds, then do get in touch!

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