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Be Our Guest Johnny Cool
(Date:03 March 2011)

Johnny Cool Recommends

Ah the Irish! Since the olden times, when we went around only eating spuds, wearing sheep skins and generally being converted to Christianity, we've been a nosy bunch! Theres even a rumour that hedge schools were only invented so a next door neighbour could look over the hedge!
But hey, that's no bad thing, and as you can see from our sites popularity, word of mouth is fantastic when it comes to spreading news!
Anyway, we decided that since there were loads of cool people talking on the internet about things which you lunchies would love, so why not bring them to you, ask them a bit about their lunch habits, and what they do! This will be a regular spot on The Lunchbox, and we're consistently looking for peeps to come and talk to us (we're the nosiest of them all!), so do get in touch if you want to!
For the first of these pieces, we've brought in the coolest of the cool, the man with all the insider knowledge, and the best moustache this side of Tom Selleck, Johnny Cool! If you haven't heard, Johnny is a man with his finger on the pulse, and his main objective in life is to find + recommend cool things (music, books, games, websites, presents deals etc) before anyone else. Let's let him take over, and we firstly asked him to tell us a bit about what he does...
"Well, I’m fairly new to blogging, currently concentrating on recommending cool new products, places, cafĂ©’s, restaurants, websites through my Facebook and Twitter page. I'm planning to launch the blog soon, so do follow me on facebook and twitter to stay updated!"

I'm a food fan, and depending on what I'm up to, lunch can be from cooking for one at home to meeting some friends for a catchup, and a debate over what new to recommend. This changes daily.

When out I mainly go to Food Room or Bay in Clontarf and the odd trip to Espresso off Baggot St if i’m in the area. With my line of work, I also like to try somewhere new every week.  If you’ve missed breakfast and need a something filling I’d recommend going to Bay and asking for a porridge, it’s the best porridge in town and it’ll get you through the afternoon, do ask nicely though!"
Johnny says he's also a mean cook, so any ladies out there, pay attention! "I love cooking, I feel I’ve taken Jamie Oliver’s 30 mins meals to the next level, 15 mins meals! You’d be amazed what can be done in 15 minutes." Having tried Jamie's meals out, we're a bit skeptical, but our momma's always told us to never doubt a man with a moustache!
He's also a fan of tech sites on the web, and of course being the first to break cool new things takes a lot of research. Johnny mentions that he spends a good bit of time checking to get good value for lunch, and interestingly, he’d like to see us "grow our listings and offers even bigger, especially outside the main city centre, as there are a lot  of restaurants out there with great lunch specials". Good timing Johnny, cos we're looking to do that as we speak, and we've hit him up for some recommendations, so stay tuned for those newbies on site soon!
However, it's not always coffee in town and meals out with friends for our JC, oh no! We asked him what his food vice/hangover cure was, and though he generally only drinks crystal clear mountain spring water which Nepalese goats have bathed in, he said he occasionaly likes to "devour a Marks and Sparks pepperoni pizza with a cadburys dairymilk and a cornetto", hopefully not all in the one go!
So there you have it, even the coolest of us have our off days, but hey, we forgive you Johnny!
All you lunch lovers out there, we've got you sorted for the latest lunch news, why not join Johnny, and let him sort you out for his recommendations on the rest of the coolest things around!
As we say, we'll have regular contributors to The Lunchbox in the next while,  foodies, value hunters, general carachters, some of our on site venues, and the occasional user or two, so if there's anyone you'd like to see talk to us, of if you yourself have an interesting lunch story to tell, do get in touch!

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