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Rustic Roast Lunch in Ballsbridge
(Date:10 March 2011)

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One of the many perks of being part of (as well as being part of the secret group that controls the world and appoints American presid..*ahem*) is that we get to try out the restaurants we feature on site quite frequently!
Now we're no Paolo Tullio, but we're the oracle on lunch, and generally we've found that we like what you like! A burrito here, a gourmet sandwich there, a few free coffees etc. It's all good in the mylunch hood!
So, when we got the offer extended to us to try out Roast in Ballsbridge during a recent exhibition in the RDS we were delira to oblige!Roast Ballsbridge
It was a usual Irish Spring day, blustery, showery, 10 degrees and sporadically sunny, and we were starving from a day traipising around the convention centre! A tasty filling lunch was the order of the day...
So, we decided to nip into Roast and take them up on their kind offer!

Open since late last year, Roast is the new restaurant over the well known Crowe's pub. Freshly re-decorated, Roast, like so many others, proclaims to be fresh, seasonal food done well. The difference between  it and many of the others is, it delivers!
We're strong campaigners here at mylunch for the holy grail of good value + decent food, and Roast certainly performs on that front too,
Myself and my mylunch colleague were starving, and began with two seafood chowers (€6.50), which would probably be enough to fill you up on a normal day! Stuffed with chunks of seafood, it was delicious, and as a bonus it kept my colleague's mouth shut long enough for me to enyoy it. (He had been quarreling with an over zealous salesperson all morning!) A non wine drinker, I opted for a Coke, as did my partner, but we also had a look at the wine list, which comes recommended on the Roast site,  and indeed from what we could make out, it was well formed.

For mains, being the old traditionalist that I am, I opted for the Beef Pie, (and it was needed to soak up what was to come downstairs later on, lets just say the phrase "pints of Guinness" and  "like they were going out of fashion" were involved), which was full of mouth watering meat, lots of veg. and accompanied by a creamy mash, while Steve, the European that he is, went for the Pumpkin Risotto, with shaved parmesan and sage.

This was slightly less filling, though still tasty, but I could see him eyeing up my main with envy!
Overall, a great halftime to the day, and we didn't want to leave to go back across tLamb Shankhe road. Roast is a simple concept, akin to the cracking pub food (grub is the wrong term) you might get across the water in London,which is what we Irish are looking for in this day and age.
It does what it does very very well from our experience. We would like to have seen a bit more options on the lunch menu, but the variety is good, and we will certainly be back for a crack at dinner, and a braised lamb shank that has my name on it. (pictured)
At least we've something to look forward to the next time we're pretending to work in the RDS, plus it gave Steve the necessary chutzpah to go for round two with the salesperson in the afternoon, but that's another story...

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See the "About" section of the Roast page for full dinner menu

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