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Oldies but goodies (Date:15 February 2011)


We've got a brand new competition for a huge gift hamper, which will have you wistfully  looking into the distance while getting 80s flashbacks, and thinking about the good old days! Read on for all the details!

Spam is back! Well, the truth is, it never left, but the canned meat (just don't ask what's in it!), which has gotten a bad name from internet junk mail, is the latest retro brand to attempt to capture the nostalgia of the credit crunch, and make the big comeback into people's cupboards!

With roots in Second World War Britain (having been introduced in 1941), Spam will implement a new campaign, which will will play on its heritage and intends to strengthen its fanbase via social media. Spam already enjoys a sizable following on both Facebook and Twitter, and as well as engaging younger consumers, theyhope to reach out to the over-55s, who are now using social networks in increasing numbers. There is even an official Spam fan club!

The return of retro brands has been a very popular food trend in the last few years. Facebook groups and a huge amount of committed users, who were crazy enough to bid on a five year old bar, meant Cadbury were forced to return their Wispa Bar to it's rightful place at the top of the "Best Choc Bar to have with tea" tree!
Tayto (which of course never went away! Nyom Nyom!) brought back good old Mr Tayto, and sought to find him a partner, while Milky Way have put their "red car and the blue car have a race" ad back on TV back, while Birds Eye brought back the old Sunday afternoon favourite, the Arctic Roll!

Websites selling retro sweets have also become hugely popular, and there's even a forum dedicated to all things nostalgic!

So it seems Spam may be right to "bring back the Spam"!

So, on to the competition! The mylunch office has fond memories of the Freaky Foot, edible paper, flying saucers (which surely had a high nutritional value),  candy watches, chocolate cigarettes, and the Marathon bar, and we'd like to know what sweets and food products you long for the return of!
Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, what your favourite childhood sweets were, and what you'd like to see brought back, and, the best suggestion will win a retro gift hamper filled with nostalgia, (worth €50 quid!) courtesy of Ireland's biggest + best retro sweet shop, The Slip Sweet Shop.
The Slip Sweet Shop is based in Kilkenny, and online at at and will deliver country wide in 2-3 days. They have a huge range of retro sweets from apple drops to Wham bars and loads of sweeties which you can't get in shops anymore! It's a trip down memory lane and a half!

G'wan, get discussin', get your workplace talking all nostalgic and teary eyed, and give us your best suggestions on Facebook or Twitter! Perhaps even have a look at the Slip website for a few reminders!

The winner will be announced on Friday.

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