Thursday, February 10, 2011

News Roundup!

Originally posted on The Lunchbox

It's been a whole day since our The Lunchbox was last updated, so we thought we'd give you a round up of what's going on in the world of mylunch since we last spoke!
Well, we've two new retailers on site in the last few days. The Dylan Hotel in Dublin 4 is situated just off Baggot St, and laden with Victorian charm! Their lunch menu looks delicious, and we've also got a new exclusive group and individual offer for The Dylan too.

Along with this, The Good Bits, on the other side of town at Store St. is a newbie!

The Catering Exhibition 2011 is currently ongoing in the RDS, and we've made a trip or two out to see the national bartending championships, and quite a few interesting food talks! It's free to get in (just register at the door), and there's lots to see. Today is the National Barista Championship finals and there's live RAI Masterchef demonstrations running throughout the day too.

On the Valentines front, Burritos and Blues have informed us that if you come in with your love companion on Monday, and buy any two burritos, you will get a Big Ass Nachos(usually €8) absolutely free!

Gourmet Burger Co. in Ranelagh also have a special for Monday 14th of 2 x Wagyu/Kobe burgers & Bottle of Rosato Spumate Ca'morlin,Italy Sparking Rose €50. The normal price is €85, and it's a great chance to sample the Wagyu so book now on 01-4977821.

And finally, we're sad to see the news of Sin É's demise. If you haven't heard, the colourful pub on Ormond Quay is closing due to rent issues. Seems to be a recurring theme in the past few months, and seriously affecting Dublin's culture and dining scene...
By the way, we've got a lovely blog post on Valentines baking coming up tomorrow, so do come back!

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