Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grinches Beware!!

Oh come all ye mylunch faithful and let us guide you through the maze of Christmas party bookings!
We know that many of you guys, our lovely lunch users, are currently looking to book a place for your Christmas party. 
We know that the social pressure associated with making the right choice is huge.
We know that there isn’t the same budget there for the annual office shindig that there was in years gone by.
And we know that the thoughts of eating luke warm turkey while wearing a shiny hat and listening to an Abba cover band being drowned out by that guy from Accountings drunken ramblings is enough to ruin anyone’s Christmas!

So let us come to your rescue this year, because though we are the lunch in Dublin kingpins, a lot of you are asking about our retailers Christmas offerings, and who are we to refuse you information eh?!
We’ve been beavering away collecting all the info on party packages and here is the fruits of our labour in all it’s glory, behold:
Oh by the way we’ve also secured discounts for anyone mentioning mylunch when booking from lots of these guys, including Cafe en Seine and The Beacon Hotel for example.
You can also check our new tab on Facebook which gives you a direct link to the Christmas Brochure.
There’s something for everyone, from cocktails and Asian in KOH, to dancing in Dandelion, and you can even get free transport from Roganstown House and Country Club if you so wish.
So have a look, mention us while booking and let mylunch and our retailers take the stress out of Christmas office planning! Now all you’ve got to do is sort out the seating plan...!

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