Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking for lunch, in your neighbourhood? Who you gonna call?

Ah Halloween! As the old Andy Williams song goes, it’s the most spookiful time, of the year! (Ok maybe not but you get the idea!)
We here at love it so much that we’ve even changed our logo this week to this little beauty!

Our retailers seem to be getting into the spirit too, and they’ve embraced this most scariest of seasons heartily.
Firstly, on Facebook today, we will be giving away a €20 lunch voucher for whoever gives us the best costume idea.

Competition is stiff, with one of the best so far being dressing up three toddlers as Tic Tacs, so beat that if you can!
You can tell us here.

Burritos and Blues are always ones to rise to an occasion, and on Saturday, they are giving away free Salsa Fries (usually €3.50 and really delish!) to anyone who comes in wearing a costume.
So if you’re in town doing a bit of shopping on Sat, be sure to wear that sexy policewoman/fireman uniform for a free lunch, it’s like trick or treating for adults!

Munchies on Sir John Rogersons Quay and in Millenium Walk are joining in the festivities by offering their “Pumpkin Potion and Monster Munchie” (Pumpkin Soup and a Monster Munchie toasted sandwich) for €6.50 today, and Munchies Central Park offer the same!

In fact all the Munchies, as well as The Vaults, have delicious hearty pumpkin soup on today, so stop in for a sup eh?

While Gourmet Burger Co. (now home of Kobe beef in Dublin!) have a special spooky burger for only €9.95 which sounds both seasonal and delicious: “8oz organic beef burger smothered with suicidal sauce and pumpkin relish”!
Nyom Nyom Nyom!

Oh and don’t forget that Movember starts on Monday so get donating! The mylunch office has taken Burritos and Blues cue and donated their lips to the cause so give anything you can here.

Now if only the mylunch mankinis which the office males are wearing this weekend would arrive...

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