Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Beautiful New Baby!!

As you will have probably noticed by now (cos you’re here!), our shiny new site is now live. So, like proud mothers, we thought we might as well show off our new baby!

There’s a whole host of new features on the new improved mylunch, and throughout this week and next, we’ll be talking you through some of them.

The main feature we’ve improved with our re-incarnation, and the first thing you will see when you hit our homepage, is our search function. You can now find what you’re looking for really easily, by searching for keyword (eg Burger for Gourmet Burger Kitchen), by County (Louth, Cork, Dublin 1 etc.), by Area (South King Street, Dublin 16 etc.) or by category. Choose as many, or as little of these options as you want, to quickly and easily find the perfect lunch, or choose your area, and then hit Random to leave your fate up to our simian controlled database!

Recommend a Retailer
Apart from the inexplicable inability of one of our team to spell recommend (*cough* Shane *cough*), the new recommend a retailer process was a no brainer for us! We strive to bring you the best lunch deals and lunch specials we can, and users telling us what they want on site makes our job a whole lot easier! But the big clincher is; if you recommend us somewhere you love to lunch, and they come on site as a result of that, we’ll give you free lunch in this premises! Tis win, win, so get recommending, because we’ve enrolled Shane in a spelling class, and might as well get our money’s worth!

Finally for this post, is our new slider. A magic flash box full of wonderful offers, comps and other juicy stuff, this can be changed with the arrows on either side, and is clickable, so if you see something you fancy, give it a click!
(OK so the slider process didn’t take much explaining, but just thought we’d mention it!)

So you’re homework for our next lesson is to revise these new features, and familiarise yourself with them. Watch out, there may be a pop quiz!
If you’ve any queries or suggestions about anything on the new site please use the magic of electronic mail or talk to us on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and you can also share this post on your chosen social medium using the thingys in the top right corner! Gwan, let your friends know how bad a speller our Shane is!

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