Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Viva la independencia!!

2010 is the year of the Bicentennial Celebrations in Mexico, celebrating 200 years of independence from Spanish rule, with the Bicentenario taking part in two celebrations: the Bicentennial of two hundred years since Independence (1810) and the second, no less important Centennial of 100 years since Mexican Revolution of 1910.

The uprising pitted the poor indigenous Indians and mixed mestizo groups against the priviledged classes of Spanish descent, pushing them into a violent and bloody battle for freedom from Spain, and on 16th September the entire country celebrates the day in 1810, when Mexico proved victorious with food and drink all being a big part of the celebration of course!

But if you can’t make it to Mexico City, Tijuana or Guadalajara for the celebrations, and you are looking for a Mexican flavoured lunch in Dublin, then we have a treat for you!

All next week from 13th-19th September, Hugo and the gang at Cafe Azteca on Lord Edward Street (Christchurch) have a special Mexican Food Festival ongoing!

Owned by an enthusiastic Mexican-Irish couple, the aim at Azteca is to transmit knowledge of the Mexican culinary art dating back to the Aztec empire and bring you right up to date, giving a taste of today's Mexican culture. You can be transported to Latin America for lunch if you so wish!

Certain foods are considered representative of Independence Day, and the team at Azteca has put together a special lunch menu, which will change daily for the week of 13th-19th September.
One favorite is pozole, a soup made of cacahuazintle corn, pork or chicken, while other like “chiles en nogada” and the famous “pico de gallo” have the colors of the Mexican flag; And it just wouldn't be a party without plenty of tequila!

Check out the full lunch menu here, and the specials here, and be sure to drop down for plenty of Mexican hospitality, Latino heat, and some of the best burritos this side of the Atlantic!

Some Mexican phrases if you do decide to pop down:

Waiter/Waitress- Mesero/Mesera
How hot is this Burrito?- Lo caliente que es este burrito?
Two tequila please!- Dos tequila por favor!
Best lunch ever! - Mejor comer cada vez!

Also, check out Azteca’s burrito offer, and special lunch voucher too!

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