Thursday, November 5, 2009

Give me back my lunch hour!

What ever happened to the lunch hour? I now find that lunch has become something you have to get over with quickly because time away from the desk is time away from productivity. Most days my lunch is eaten at my desk, in between calls to clients. I am sure many of you face a similar situation as a rushed lunch appears to be becoming the standard practice everywhere.

I can just about remember the days when the lunch break had meaning and was something to be treasured.
For me, with a lunch hour came:

-Less stress
-Greater job satisfaction
-A greater sense of freedom
-A more sociable working environment
-A chance to get some fresh air
-A work day that went by quicker

I miss these forgotten days and I want to start a petition for a reinstatement of the lunch hour. Are you with me comrades?!

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